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Samnang (16): "I am a peer educator for CLA in my village. My main role is to raise awareness on child trafficking, child sexual abuse, domestic violence and the rights of children. I do this through children's clubs I established in my village. In these clubs I tell them about the four principal child rights; the right to participation, protection, development and life. I explain in detail what these rights mean. I also encourage children to go back to school and I participate in meetings with the child protection network. I established relations with local authorities to prevent trafficking of children and child abuse.
I like being a peer educator, because I want the other children to understand what their rights are and I want them to achieve their rights. I would also like to help the village to become a better village by understanding the rights of the children. I would like to see all the children to be brave enough to stand up for themselves.
It is not always easy to do this work. Sometimes friends and neighbours discourage me by asking why I do this work without being paid for it. But I tell them that I like it because it increases my knowledge and I increase the knowledge of other children."

Southeast Asia

Terre des Hommes Netherlands in Southeast Asia protects children and stops child exploitation in developing countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand. Working with 87 organisations, Terre des Hommes forms partnerships that give room for partner organisations to take ownership of their respective projects by designing and implementing the projects themselves.  

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    Terre des Hommes Netherlands has been working in Southeast Asia since 1984. Our regional office in Jakarta covers five Southeast Asian countries: Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand and Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR). Our target group is destitute children in general, with special attention given to children living in extreme circumstances, such as child labourers, child victims of trafficking and prostitution, children with HIV/Aids, abused children and children with disabilities.

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    The regional office for Southeast Asia was established in 1984 in Jakarta, Indonesia and now with two sub-offices in Manila, Philippines and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The regional office covers: Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. The regional office operates outside the regular geographical areas in situations of emergency, humanitarian crises and when the specific content of a program requires a wider geographical approach such as in children trafficking.

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    Terre des Hommes Netherlands programmes focus on the poorest and most disadvantaged children and their families to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. In order to achieve its objectives Terre des Hommes Netherlands has clustered its activities into six programmes: Education, Disability, HIV/Aids, Livelihood, Health and Protection.

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    Should you have any further questions, please contact us at south.east.asia@tdh.nl

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Building blocks towards the eradication of the worst forms of child labour is achieved through monitoring the worst forms of child labour and constantly striving for improvement of mechanisms, addressing the root causes of child labour which is reducing poverty, improving child protection, and improving the policy and law development as well as implementation.

With its anti-trafficking programme Terre des Hommes Netherlands increases the vigilance in communities through awareness-raising and information campaigns, and empowers communities to protect their own children, while also strengthening children's capacity to protect themselves. By means of temporary shelters and halfway houses victims of exploitation are helped in order to reintegrate into society.

Education is given to prevent children from getting into exploitative situations. To raise the income of a family, income generating activities for parents, guardians and youths are implemented, because poverty being of the main reasons why children get into exploitative situations.

Frequently asked questions

Who or what is Terre des Hommes?

Terre des Hommes is a children’s aid organisation established in 1965 by a group of dedicated volunteers. Currently, Terre des Hommes supports over three hundred projects worldwide in the area of education, healthcare and independence. Children living with a disability, children confronted with HIV/Aids, and victims of child exploitation receive special attention. All projects are conceptualised, initiated and carried out by local project partners.

What does Terre des Hommes do?
Terre des Hommes stops the exploitation of children in developing countries. With our projects in the area of education, healthcare and micro-credit, we help underprivileged children find a brighter future.
Terre des Hommes supports over three hundred projects on four continents. All projects are conceptualised, initiated and carried out by local project partners who are familiar with the problems in their communities. In addition to offering direct support to young victims of exploitation, Terre des Hommes also strives to improve the general living conditions of underprivileged children.
Where does Terre des Hommes support projects?
Terre des Hommes operates in four regions: South Asia, East Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. Within these regions, projects are supported in fourteen countries.
• South Asia: Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka
• East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
• South America: Bolivia, Brazil and Peru
• Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Laos
How does Terre des Hommes decide which projects will receive support?

In order for a project to be supported by Terre des Hommes Netherlands, it must meet five criteria:
• The project is aimed – directly or indirectly – at the children.
• The project is developed and carried out by a local organisation.
• The project focuses on (at least) one of Terre des Hommes’ six focal areas: healthcare, education, independence, children living with a disability, HIV/Aids and exploitation.
• The project is carried out in one of the countries where Terre des Hommes Netherlands operates.
• The project tackles problems from different angles. In healthcare projects, for example, medical care should be combined with awareness-raising activities.

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