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“Bolivia is not doing enough to protect girls against sexual violence"

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights recently held a hearing on various human rights violations. The obstacles regarding access to justice for victims of sexual violence in Bolivia were discussed. The country has an alarmingly high number of young victims. They lack the protection and assistance which they are entitled to, according to a report that was presented to the Commission.

The Commission heard how violence against girls and women in Bolivia borders "femicide" (unpunished murder of women). Researchers reported that 34 percent of girls under eighteen are victim of sexual abuse. And every day, an average of twelve children in the country is raped. If these children do notify the police, access to the justice system is far from easy.

The children are often not (fully) believed by concerned authorities and agencies. There is a lack of training and specialist knowledge to the investigating authorities and procedures are delayed regularly. The researchers also reported that perpetrators usually go unpunished. The number of convictions compared to the number of reports received is minimal, the report said.

Bolivia fails to protect girls from sexual violence and is thus not complying with its obligations in the field of human rights, the report said. The researchers conducted a series of recommendations to the Commission and requested her to take action.

called her to take action. According to them, the Commission has the necessary authority to  strongly urge Bolivia to take action against sexual violence against girls.

What does Terre des Hommes do?
Terre des Hommes aims to stop sexual exploitation of children in developing countries, including Bolivia. For example, we support Briza Centro Una Esperanza * ('a glimmer of hope'), in Cochabamba, where victims of sexual abuse receive therapy and legal assistance. We also provide information and raise awareness among students and parents.

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