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East Africa

Rescued from child labour

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East Africa

In Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, Terre des Hommes Netherlands helps children that are being exploited and abused or are at risk of being exploited and abused. Among these most vulnerable children are children affected by HIV/AIDS and children with a disability. Our programmes are focussing on two key intervention areas: Stop Child Exploitation, and Maternal & Child Health.

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  • About Us

    Terre des Hommes Netherlands Regional Office East Africa protects children in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

    In line with our mission, “Terre des Hommes Netherlands prevents child exploitation, removes children from exploitative situations and ensures these children can develop themselves in a safe environment.”

    Our vision is:  “A world in which children are no longer exploited. We will continue to work until this is accomplished.”

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  • Countries

    In East Africa, Terre des Hommes Netherlands supports projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. In general, challenges for all the four countries are the high percentage of the population living below the poverty line, the poor access to affordable health care of acceptable quality, the poor quality of education, the high number of children affected by HIV/AIDS and the neglect of children with disabilities. In this context, children become vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Child labour and extreme forms of child exploitation like trafficking and prostitution are still common in the region.

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  • Partners

    The Terre des Hommes Netherlands Regional Office East Africa cooperates with local autonomous project partner organisations. These project partners are legally registered local organisations with their own vision and mission and strategic plans. The project partners are developing their individual projects in collaboration with Terre des Hommes Netherlands.

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  • Emergency Aid

    Terre des Hommes Netherlands was established in 1965 by a group of volunteers to provide direct emergency assistance to children. Its mandate and activities later shifted to structural support to stop child exploitation. However, we still step in when emergencies arise, particularly to assist the most vulnerable children and children who are victims of armed conflicts.

    Terre des Hommes Netherlands runs emergency relief projects in countries where we have projects. Through the presence of local partners, Terre des Hommes Netherlands can quickly and effectively provide emergency relief.

    Terre des Hommes Netherlands’ emergency assitance includes:

    • Food aid and supplementary feeding 
    • Distress relief and humanitarian aid
    • Repatriation and resettlement aid to refugees and internally displaced persons
    • Infrastructure reconstruction and restoration
    • Disaster prevention and preparedness


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  • FAQ

    Kindly refer to the frequently asked questions below for their answers.
    If you still have a question that is specific for the region East Africa please contact us through east.africa@tdh.nl

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Millions of children are exploited by way of child labour, children trafficking, and child prostitution. The rights of these children are seriously violated. We want to end child exploitation. We stand up for these children because they too have the right to grow up in a safe, exploitation-free environment. Terre des Hommes Netherlands works to create a world in which all children can have a humane existence and can grow up to be independent adults.

Terre des Hommes Netherlands prevents child exploitation, removes children from exploitative situations and ensures these children can develop themselves in a safe environment.

We improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable children in developing countries, without any distinction based on race, faith, gender or political ideology. Terre des Hommes Netherlands Regional Office East Africa supports 80 projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda that are planned and implemented by 59 local project partners. In our work, we closely collaborate with local project partners, since they are most aware of the needs of the children and the practical requirements of the local population. Our partners carry out the projects independently, linking with relevant stakeholders where possible.

We mainly work together with local grass root organisations on three strategies: (1) direct assistance, (2) capacity building and (3) advocacy and lobbying, focussing on the most vulnerable children in their immediate environment.

Frequently asked questions

Who and what does Terre des Hommes Netherlands support?

Terre des Hommes Netherlands supports registered civil society organisations.

In addition, financial support is provided to projects that:
o Contribute towards the prevention of child exploitation and abuse, and the rehabilitation and protection of exploited and/or abused children
o Provide access to quality education for children in need
o Provide healthcare for children and/or mothers
o Strengthen the response of the community to cope with the HIV/AIDS pandemic and improve treatment and care for children who are affected and/or infected
o Provide access to quality services, education, sports and community activities for children with a disability
o Promote sports and games as a tool for development of children's physical and social well-being and which in turn enhance the community spirit
o Build the capacity of local partner organisations to deliver more effective, efficient and accountable services to children in need.

Project Partners aiming to deliver direct services to children in especially difficult circumstances, are given priority. Project Partners should always direct their services so that with the cooperation and assistance of the local community, the child can be guaranteed a better life, which remains even after funding terminates.

What are the criteria for projects?

Project Partners should implement projects with utmost care, bearing the protection of the children in mind and should focus on sustainable structural assistance.

The following criteria have to be met:
o The Project Partner is a registered civil society organisation
o The project beneficiaries are children of age eighteen years and below
o The project is small scale, directed at local needs and uses local resources
o The project meets the needs of children and at the same time tries to come up with solutions that address the root cause of the problem and improves the general situation of the beneficiaries
o The project should not only improve the children's situation, but also include other essential aspects such as self-confidence, self-respect and most importantly self-reliance in order to make the project successful, effective and sustainable.
Do you also support adult groups?

Terre des Hommes Netherlands protects children in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Projects are particularly directed towards assisting underprivileged children in these countries.

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Stop child labour

Mary*, featured on the picture, is an 8 year old girl who was rescued from roaming garbage dumps by local project partner Ruben Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. With support of Terre des Hommes Netherlands she is now back in school.
However, she sometimes returns to the dump to earn a few coins to buy her some food. Withdrawing children from child labour is a long process. Developing the income of her single mother is the next step to secure a full rescue from child labour for Mary.

* not her real name

Terre des Hommes Netherlands

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